International clubs representation across South-East Asia region

• Advising clubs on event management across SEA
• Advising clubs and federations commercial strategy and brand exploitation
• Providing mental coaching and media training for football teams
• Overall business development services in football


Starting in 2017 with Feyenoord's first ever camp in SEA, FR Sports Consultancy has opened up its market towards hosting international teams throughout SEA, with Singapore as it's base.


Educated coaches are the best coaches. Want to upgrade your staff's knowledge, or just expose them to the higher standards? We bring only best and most qualified educators to the table.


You want your teams to experience playing at the top level? You want to be an official guest of some of the best teams in the wold? Get in touch, we can make it happen.

Worldwide Sports Management and Consultancy Services

• Representation and management of players (International & domestic)
• Facilitating transfers from World to SEA and SEA to World
• Scouting services for football clubs in foreign markets
• Sports consultancy (including sales/marketing strategies for organizations)


We are placing players from SEA all over the world. Our players and staff have been placed in Holland, Spain, UK, Scandinavia, East Europe, Asia, US Colleges...


Advising on transfer dealings, agents involvement, mediating deals or any other service that has dealings with a player, club or a football organization of any kind.


We develop the careers of footballers from a very young age. We make multi-year plans for clubs, associations and football organizations. Our goal is to upgrade football on a global scale.